Underserved Community Medicine Program

Who This Program is For

Underserved Community Medicine Program offers financial and educational support to college seniors who have been accepted to a medical school or currently enrolled in a full-time, accredited medical school (MD/D.O) and Physician Assistant (PA) program. Ideal candidates demonstrate motivation for excellence in both character and academic achievement, personal integrity as exemplified by leadership, and community involvement with a keen focus on serving underserved, marginalized communities. Preference is given to students with outstanding academic records, demonstrated leadership ability, and a desire to be a role model and mentor to other students in underserved communities. The scholarship is awarded to student leaders to help them realize their maximum potential and help alleviate clinician shortage in underserved communities.

What This Program Offers

• Professional development and leadership training workshops
• Scholarships and grants during medical school
• Study materials and resources for board examinations
• Assistance with residency applications planning and interviews strategy
• Financial literacy covering personal financial, study loans, debts, and investment portfolio management workshops
• Private clinical practice and academic/teaching job contract negotiation
•Career development coaching, thus deciding between academic/research and clinical careers

Program Requirements

• Demonstrate significant financial need, eligible for the Pell Grant
• Low-income African American, Hispanic and Latinx
• Minimum GPA and MCAT requirement
• College senior and accepted to a medical school or currently enrolled full-time in an accredited medical school (M.D/D.O/PA)

Programs are currently unavailable. For more information on program start date, duration and teaching faculty or when to apply, please visit this program page in the Spring of 2022.

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