Partner With Us

The Pathway Initiative is always looking for partners to work with
on our mission to provide academic resources to underrepresented students.

Partnering with The Pathway Initiative

We partner with federal, state, philanthropic, corporate organizations, other non-profits, community organizations and individuals who share our dedication to ensuring that all students have equal access to medical school education and the support they need to learn, lead, and thrive during their education and in their careers.

Partnering with us will help support our students with academic programs and resources. With you on our team, we will be able build our presence as a non-profit and continue to advocate for the needs of underrepresented and underrepresented students across the country.

Help Us Make a Change

We work tirelessly to make the dream of equal access to medical school for underrepresented students a reality and invite you to join us in this effort.

Not Ready to Partner Up?

No worries! There are many ways to help our cause, and any support is greatly appreciated.