College Medical Academy Program

Who This Program is For

College Medical Academy Program is a highly selective program for outstanding underrepresented students (college freshmen, sophomore, or juniors) pursuing a four-year college degree in STEM or enrolled in an accredited four-year Pre-Medical degree program. Ideal applicants possess strong aspirations to enter the medicine field as a primary care or public health physician of any medical specialty. They must also have a keen interest in serving underserved or marginalized communities. Recipients must commit to the TPI medical professional career path with the intent of helping to alleviate clinician shortage in underserved communities.

What This Program Offers

• Career mentorship and socio-emotional counseling
• Paid clinical shadowing and research opportunities for premedical students
• Assistance with medical school application and interview preparation
• Science Foundation Courses, including MCAT preparatory courses and study materials
•Leadership, study, and test taking skills training workshops
• Financial literacy workshops

Program Requirements

• Demonstrate significant financial need, eligible for the Pell Grant
• African American, Hispanic, and Latinx
• Minimum GPA requirement
• Enrolled in a four-year degree or community college program in STEM
• Demonstrate high academic achievement in biological or science

Programs are currently unavailable. For more information on program start date, duration, and teaching faculty or when to apply, please visit this program page in the Spring of 2022.

Please contact us for more information about our programs.