Our Approach

The Pathway Initiative provides opportunities for socio-economically disadvantaged
minority students who are motivated, talented, and desire to pursue a career in medicine.

Our programs are designed to help minority students achieve their dreams in medicine

The Pathway Initiative Inc is an innovative, community-based medical education non-profit organization.
The African American, Hispanic, and Latino communities have long experienced inequality in educational opportunities and disparities in health care.

The Pathway Initiative provides opportunities for socio-economically disadvantaged motivated and talented minority students who desire to pursue a career in medicine. The support for our students includes but is, not limited to: financial assistance, content delivery, leadership training, and professional mentorship to help them achieve their dreams in medicine. We also work with our partners to design programs that benefit our students. We provide our services at no cost to the students we serve.

Explore Our Programs

High School

• Mentorship and support in science education for students in 9th to 12th grade.
• Summer Science Foundation courses
• Summer study skills workshops and leadership training
Mental Health and Socio-emotional Counseling
• Scholarships and grants


• Mentorship and coaching
• Financial assistance
• Paid clinical shadowing and research opportunities
• Assistance with medical school application and interview prep
• Science Foundation Courses, including MCAT preparatory courses and study materials
•Leadership training

Medical SChool

• Mentorship, career development, and leadership-training workshops
• Scholarships and grants
• Study resources for USMLE Step 1 Examination
• Assistance with residency applications and interviews
• Clinical and research – training courses and opportunities

We Are Here to Help

We have provided these relevant resources and career opportunities to assist you. If you would like personal assistance in any way, we invite you to contact us at [email protected].